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Becoming Lovers

  The first time we kissed was unexpected; it was two people on a collision course that didn’t know how it would all end up. Worse still, it was in [ … ]

Simon Says

The train ride into the city is an hour long and sometimes delayed because the Metro North, more than 50 years after its inception, still hasn’t quite yet figured out [ … ]

Oolong at Mum’s

Photo Credit – Unicef Happy New Year guys. So so excited for 2017. God bless you guys. Enjoy some Oolong while you read okay. 🙂   There is a difference [ … ]

The Remission

Photo Credit: UNICEF Remission – Noun The act of remitting. Pardon; forgiveness, as of sins or offenses. Abatement or diminution, as of diligence, labor, intensity, etc. The relinquishment of a [ … ]


  I have been away too long. Blame my ‘Ajala’ ways. I am in love with Asia and can’t wait to go back. It was a trip that exceeded my [ … ]

The Taking

We bury her in a white dress. Her mother insisted. It was one of those dresses women buy and never end up wearing. If I close my eyes long enough, [ … ]

Rain in Oslo

  This story needed a happy ever after. So I have given it one. I loved Ropo like no writer is allowed to love her characters. I loved Sallie too. [ … ]