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Posts tagged with ‘Marriage’

  • Maybe Tomorrow

    By Kiah on February 17, 2017
      Simileoluwa couldn’t place exactly when she knew it wasn’t forever. The more she thought about it the more it eluded her. The one thing she was however sure of was that she had come about this piece of important knowledge too late. After the wedding, they had gone to Zanzibar. It had been everything honeymoons were meant to be. […]
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  • This is How You Make a Silent Wish

    By Kiah on July 23, 2015
      This was inspired from some recent events on social media. There are many things about this story that say “incomplete”. I do not write it from experience and only hope I can capture a sliver of what victims of abuse really go through.  Here’s hoping for happy second chances.   Dear Nnamdi, There is a photograph of us on […]
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  • No Reason

    By Kiah on October 4, 2014
    I am awake but she doesn’t know this; I can feel her eyes as they roam my supine body, seeking a reason. She has always been the reasonable one of us both. Even for something as unreasonable as falling in love, Ayesha found a way to be reasonable. I gave her the butterflies, she said; that was her reason for […]
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  • The Wrong Woman

    By Kiah on December 11, 2013
    Happy December People! It snowed yesterday. I have this love-hate relationship with snow. Can it come without the cold please? Anyway, it has been an amazing year and God has been God-perfect. Stuff happens to us, a lot of stuff that the world tells us is just wrong and we agree. The truth of the matter is wrong is only […]
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