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Oolong at Mum’s

Photo Credit – Unicef Happy New Year guys. So so excited for 2017. God bless you guys. Enjoy some Oolong while you read okay. 🙂   There is a difference [ … ]


I started writing this a while ago on Medium. I am still not sure I have the right ending. Endings bore me these days.  But let’s talk about this photo. [ … ]

The Porch

Photo credit: Simi Vijay Photography I wrote this a while back. It is one of those stories that I didn’t know how to handle. It is Kiah-sad. Kiah-sad is a [ … ]

The End to Love

  It was my birthday a few days ago….I love birthdays. Last year was a tough year but I look back with a full heart,  a heart full of thanksgiving. [ … ]

The Coin Fairy

For T.Dot… a very special city.   She waits until it is dark before returning to the wishing wells. There are many in the city so she rarely returns to [ … ]

What She Would Be

Shola Allyson’s voice gives me goose pimples. She has inspired this one. It is  a bit long. Forgive me. But there is so much I wanted to do with Sally [ … ]