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  When you read one man like you read no one else, you will soon start to sound like him.  At least, I hope. This is a tribute to John [ … ]


 Happy New Month people! I was talking to someone recently and complaining about how this year has not been the greatest and this is an euphemism…But we still here, we [ … ]

Purple, In Size 12

  You might want to read about Orange & White dresses.  PS That is me in today’s photo by the way…in one of my favorite places in the world – Ithaca, NY. [ … ]

Taking Turns

It is night time where I live. Darkness seems to fall faster in the slums than it does in the neighborhoods of the wealthy. I didn’t know this until Akan [ … ]

Ilo’s Secret

You guys are probably going to complain that I am beating a dead horse…but I can’t seem to let go of this theme, this thread that has decided to find [ … ]

I Chose Her

I am reading ‘The God of Small Things’. It is beautiful in ways I wouldn’t know how to describe. It is a book i will read once and never again. [ … ]


I wrote this one for this girl I used to know. We weren’t close but when I think of her, I miss what we didn’t have. It was also one [ … ]