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Posts tagged with ‘Music’

  • Living Choices

    By Kiah on December 1, 2015
    Oh my God! How did we get to this place? When was it January? Can I just say that it has been an amazing, amazing year though? Last night, I was eating Ravioli and mushrooms and it suddenly occurred to me that like my dinner, 2015 was my year of new experiences, new beginnings, brand new everything. This year for […]
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  • Love’s Tempo

    By Kiah on October 15, 2014
      He was leaning against the counter of the Au Bon Pain at Grand Central where he had eaten breakfast for the past three years when he first heard her name. Ordinarily he shouldn’t have reacted. He had been hearing the word ‘Vivacissimo’ every day for most of his life after all. But it was the first time he would […]
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