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Little Star

    When I was only an itty bitty little girl, my grandmother would wait till the stars descended upon the night sky to tell me the stories every child [ … ]


I have been to Jos once. I have many friends who call it home. This one is for Jos, a prayer that someday soon, joy, rather than despair will be [ … ]

The Silence

Have I told you guys about Funminiyi? If I haven’t, I am sorry…¬† He is this amazing writer that doesn’t write often enough but when he does, he blows the [ … ]

Ilo’s Secret

You guys are probably going to complain that I am beating a dead horse…but I can’t seem to let go of this theme, this thread that has decided to find [ … ]


I wrote this one for this girl I used to know. We weren’t close but when I think of her, I miss what we didn’t have. It was also one [ … ]


Y’all know I much I love ‘love stories’. I think all my love stories are starting to sound the same though. So therefore we will not be doing these love [ … ]